SoundField SPS200 Software Controlled Microphone

Broadcast quality ambisonic microphone for A-format™ recording

The SPS200 is an ambisonic microphone featuring broadcast-quality condenser capsules, and is ideal for location recording. Coupled with the included SurroundZone plug-in, it allows for a complete ambisonic workflow without the need for external processors.

The SPS200 Software Controlled Microphone uses the same established SoundField multi-capsule technology as the high-end models in the SoundField range. This relatively lightweight microphone (approximately 220 grams) is powered by standard 48v phantom power and incorporates four low noise, studio grade condenser capsules. A short break-out cable outputs the four signals generated by the SPS200 at mic level on four balanced XLRs, ensuring compatibility with all equipment.

The SPS200 is simply connected to a four-channel recorder via the XLR outputs, and the gain on each channel set identically. The resulting recording represents the A-formatTM representation, which can be processed to B-formatTM using the SurroundZone plug-in, as well as to other formats including stereo, 7.1 surround or surround-with-height formats.

SurroundZone is currently available for Pro-Tools HD and all platforms supporting VST-Multichannel such as Nuendo, Cubase, Soundscape, etc. on both PC and MAC platforms.

  • Ultra-low noise, studio-grade condenser capsules
  • 40Hz – 20KHz frequency response
  • Equivalent self-noise DIN / IEC: 12dBA SPL
  • Maximum SPL: 130 dB
  • Connects via included breakout cable into 4 x XLR
  • 48V phantom powered
  • Directly records A-format™ ambisonic audio
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